Lloyd Tanner's Friction Heater

One New Jersey Innovator has come up with a clean way to generate electricity that's a new twist on an old idea.

Creating electicity means turning the turbines of a generator, usually with steam pressure. All you need to do is create heat to boil water. And THAT'S where all the burning of coal or oil and the associated pollution and expense and eco-unfriendliness comes in.

Lloyed Tanner, on the other hand, has built a device in his garage that can boil water and create steam pressure using the heat of FRICTION... you know, the same thing that lights matches, and overheats our automobile brakes. His prototype presses pieces of oak 4 by 4s onto a metal wheel being spun by an electric motor. The wheel soon becomes a spinning "hot plate" that can heat water in a boiler to create steam pressure that can run a generator to supply electricity to run not only the motor turning the wheel, but everything in his house as well.

We're not talking perpetual motion here, (the water and wood get used up) but it's an idea for a clean source of energy that could be refined through R&D to provide every home with an efficient on-site power station.